Aldi vs The Brands

Aldi’s beauty brand Lacura, has had a lot of us running to our local store trying to grab a bargain of the £4.49 blush as opposed to £24 or, the dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow palette.

A lot of us have been sceptical as to whether they’re the real deals or just cheap knock offs! I for one… a sparkly new beauty product on the market and am a bit of a brand snob. So there I was, with the rest of them, trying to grab that dupe.

Here’s what I thought…..

aldi 1 (2).jpg

Lucura Broadway Shape & Glow 

Now this is impressive! After using the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow almost everyday I was sceptical about this which is £42 cheaper!!!! Did I love it?!?! HELL YES!! It’s a beautiful subtle tone of bronze with a stunning champagne highlight pigment. The texture is lovely too. What is not to love about this, the packaging is almost identical as is the actual product! It’s a daily must have for me.

Aldi – £6.99 / Charlotte Tilbury – £49

Lucura Blush

A dupe of the Nars Orgasm blush, this is actually not too bad, Nicely pigmented with cute packaging. Aldi claim that this colour of blush is suitable for all skin tones and I can see why. I’ve been a huge fan of Nars Orgasm for a while and this comes in pretty closely and also lasts all day. Good dupe in my opinion!

Aldi – £4.49 / Nars – £24

Lucura Alhoha Bronzer

Aldi have a done a pretty decent attempt at duping Benefit’s famous Hoola Bronzer. Comes in similar packaging with a brush but size wise is slightly bigger. However, as much as I love Hoola, I much prefer the shade of the Alhoha bronzer. I just wish the packaging was as compact as Benefit’s Hoola.

Aldi – £5.99 / Benefit – £25

aldi 2 (2).jpg

Lacura Too Legit Mascara

Now you all know who the real OG is for this…Benefit! Good try Aldi but unfortunately, this mascara was not to my liking. It claims to lengthen and volume but I didn’t really notice much difference besides having a coat of normal mascara. However, I do love the tip on the end of the allows you to comb those niggly corner lashes! But overall, Benefit’s They’re Real is just the bomb with my lashes! I’ll be giving the Too Legit Mascara a miss. 

Aldi – £5.99 / Benefit – £21.50

Lacura Snapshot Ready Foundation Primer

Another really good dupe is the Snapshot Ready Primer. It’s just as brilliant as Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer. With a silky texture that glides onto your skin, it creates a flawless base for your make up. Since I’ve been using this I’ve received so many compliments about my make up and I’ve got to hand it to you lot at Aldi, this is bloody brilliant! Will I sticking to this instead of Smashbox now….absolutely! It is £20 cheaper!!!

Aldi – £5.99 / Smashbox – £26

aldi 3 (2).jpg

Lacura Beautifying Daily Balm

The dupe of the Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm, Lacura’s beauty balm claims to ‘illuminate and tighten’ and ‘support skin’s natural radiance’.  Just like Clarin’s Beauty Balm, it has a lovely subtle scent to it and is actually quite illuminating/moisturising. However, the downfall for me is that it has no SPF! 

Aldi – £2.29 / Clarin’s – £32

Lacura Illusion Touch 2 in 1 Foundation

I have always struggled to find the right foundation however, it doesn’t stop me from trying. This is a 2 in 1 concealer on top, foundation in the main bottle. The foundation and concealer have a lovely silky texture however, big fail Aldi….you’ve only made it in 3 shades. All of which do not suit me! Aldi needs to venture into more shades for us brown girls! As the undertones to these are far too light and look ashy on Asian skin. Come on Aldi….diversify your products please!

Aldi – £5.99

Lacura Charcoal Mud to Foam Cleanser

We’ve all gone a bit charcoal crazy from the teeth whitening to the masks and I wanted to try it out. Now this…..THIS cleanser is absolutely amazing! I love it! I’ve always spent so much money on Cleansers to ensure I’m using the highest quality agents to clean and detox my skin. The Lacura Charcoal Mud to Foam cleanser deep cleanses and exfoliates as it has Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). It leaves my skin clean and so glowy! Hands down this cleanser has really improved the texture of my skin too! Bravo Aldi!!

Aldi – £5.99


Lacura Charcoal Micellar Water

Another fab product from the charcoal range. For years I was addicted and only used Garnier’s Micellar water. You know that one with the pink cap – yup that one! I never thought I’d switch as I loved it, until this came along. Another game changer. Removes all my make up thoroughly, is gentle and again – leaves my skin cleansed and glowing.

Aldi – £1.99 (99p in the sale right now)

Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser

Having used the Liz Earle Cleanser for years during uni and living in London, I was quite excited to try this version. I have tried many other branded ones sold in Boots but they just didn’t cut it for me. But this is OH MY GOD brilliant! Super creamy texture with an identical formula of the Liz Earle cult classic – eucalyptus oil, coco butter, chamomile and rosemary. With the harsher winter weather I have been reaching for this day and night! Aldi have hit the nail on the head with this!

Aldi – £3.99 / Liz Earle – £26 for 200ml)

cleansers (2).jpg

Lacura Healthy Glow Toner

A dupe of Pixi’s iconic glow tonic unfortunately, this was just a no for me. There are some essentials missing from this dupe that Pixi has. For one the consistency of this toner is very water based and for me, does not feel luxurious on the skin. With 5% glycolic acid, I really didn’t notice anything happen from this toner. Sorry Aldi, but I’m forever going to love and stay loyal to the Pixi Glow toner – which I have got a lot of my girls hooked on!

Aldi – £3.99 / Pixi £18

Lacura Face Masks – Exfoliating Mud Mask, Charcoal Mud Mask & Purifying Pink Clay Mask

As if they haven’t ventured on enough, Aldi have also released dupes of the popular Glam Glow and Aussie loved brand Sand & Sky. Who doesn’t love a face mask right? Well they’ve done pretty well with these dupes. Not only do they have exfoliant properties to remove dead skin cells but they deeply cleanse and purify to leave your skin glowing. As I mentioned at the beginning I am a bit of a brand snob and always think the more expensive skincare the better….right?!?! Well not according to Aldi!!! From saving me over £40 per jar, you can pick up their masks for £5.99!!!

masks (2).jpg

I’m looking forward to seeing what new Special Buys Aldi brings out in 2019. Their dupes have been a pretty win win for those who love a good beauty/skincare bargain! 

P x