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Clinique has been part of my skincare routine since I was at university. I came across the brand in my first year of university, just over 10 years ago. I began using their toners, then after the serums, the eye creams and most recently the cleanser. Not all suited my skin but the serums for pigmentation was a total game changer for me. I noticed the pigmentation fade and overall the look of my skin better and even. Since then, I’ve been super invested in the brand.

It was late last year that the Clinique PR team reached out to me to attend a local event to get to know the brand more and discover more of their best selling products. Last week I was invited into my second event with the team in Selfridges to discover their newest hot product on the market – Clinique iD.

So what is Clinique iD?…….There’s a choice of different combinations to hydrate and treat your skin according to your own individual target areas.

Your first step is to pick your base formula. Depending on what type of product you find the most moisturising and which texture suits you best. You have a choice of the dramatically different lotion, gel or the new kid on the block – the jelly.

clinique base

I didn’t want anything too thick as I want to use it under my SPF moisturiser daily and not make my make up look too cakey. I loved the consistency of the jelly. So that was my base picked. First step done.

Now here’s the best bit…5 different serums with concentrated actives to target different skin concerns:

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I have pigmentation around my lips and chin area (#browngirlproblems) and anything that will make my skin bright and glow……I am there for! Therefore, I knew straight away my saviour would be the white cartridge ‘uneven skin tone‘.

It’s SO simple to connect the two parts together. Unpack both from the plastic caps and pop the cartridge into the jelly and BOOM, let the magic begin.

Each pump has a blend of your hydration base and serum that tackles your individual issue.

I use this day and night. Love the feel of it and it absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. The Clinique iD promises ’24 hour hydration, repair and pollution protection’. Perfect for when I’m running around the city.

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I will admit, over the past 3 months I have been using a facial massager which has dramatically helped change the appearance of my skin. I massage my face with this tool day and night for 2 mins and have found that it allows my skincare to deeply settle in and really works down through all the layers. It’s promoting better blood circulation and really helps the tone of my skin.

Having had success from the Clinique serums before to sort my pigmentation out, there’s no doubt that I will be able to see the effects of Clinique iD quickly.

Thank you to the beautiful ladies in Selfridges for helping me find my iD and a huge thanks and hug to the mega babes at Clinique – Beth & Stephanie.

You can order online or pick up from your nearest Clinique counter for £36.00

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